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Let Dock Builders Clearwater service your boating investment whether by new installations, repairs, or renovations. We want you to enjoy your water recreations without worry, because we know that your boating needs quality workmanship and with attention to detail.

We have a lot of experience with marine construction, repair, and have know-how to fulfill your needs. We take necessary precautionary measures to protect your property so you can rest assure that we get the Job done. As with trust, your satisfaction is also very important to us. And, we quote fair prices and rates for your specific needs.

Your boat dock, seawall, or boat lift are the amenities and structures that are essential to life on the water, Not only do they provide convenience but also protection of your watercraft or land. With our services you can avoid unnecessary costly repairs to your boat or property. Dock Builders Clearwater can help protect these investment with the right installation or repair!

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At Dock Builders Clearwater, we back our work with the highest quality materials and care. We strive for your satisfaction while keeping your budget in mind. We have been in the business for many years, and we owe that to our top-notch work, good communication and customer service.

We are a Family and Locally owned business with decades of experience. Dock Builders Clearwater believes that our work not only calls for professional experience, but a personal connection with our own waters to fully understand our craft and your needs. Clearwater and nearby communities is our home, so we consider you not just as another customer, but a familiar neighbor sharing the same love of the water, the sun, and the fun!

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