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We Are Dock Specialists

We know you enjoy being on the waters of Clearwater and the perfect dock helps you take full advantage of this outdoor experience. Docks can vary in size and complexity and we are here to help guide you on what is best for your needs, and we are ready for your project whether large or small.

With our highly accomplished crew, we can build you any size dock to your specifications. From beginning to end, we manage every step of the construction from the design, to the permitting, building, and the finalization of your permit. We get the job done right to make sure you are enjoying your dock in minimal amount of time!

We keep it simple. We design, build and use the proper products and materials to construct boat docks that can withstand the elements of marine living.

  • With our expertise and your input, we aim to help you hone your design to make your custom dock not only structurally strong and long-lasting, but functional and inviting.

  • As dedicated professionals, we have the know-how and experience to execute the plans put in place, using the right tools and construction methods to get things done.

  • We choose the right marine grade materials from our superior resources as a foundation to ensure our structures are build properly right from the start.

With us, you can expect the highest quality boat docks created from the finest materials and craftsmanship. Call us now!

High Quality Construction

We understand Florida weather will eventually wear and tear your existing dock, or that you might want need a change in the structure. Fortunately for you, we also provide repairs and renovations, and can take that aged dock and transform it back to it's original glory or into something new. We accomplish this by removing and replacing the old wood with new treated lumber or composite decking. We'll can also adjust the current design depending on your inspiration. Which ever budget allows, we'll help you find the best fit to get your dock to the way you've always imagined it should be.

For decades our locally owned family business have proudly served the area, producing quality sturdy docks that have lasted years. We've seen our share of storms and hurricanes and recognize not just the challenges of living on the water, but the beauty and expectations of why we're on the water in the first place. We appreciate the amenities Clearwater and coastal Florida has to offer, and just like you, this is our home.

Long Lasting Docks

As Clearwater residents ourselves there is nothing better than looking at your front or backyard with pride. We want you to have that same feeling when you gaze out into your property. Whether for your marine craft, for fishing, or for your relaxation and enjoyment of Clearwater's environment, docks are a significant part of our marine lifestyle. An installation or rejuvenation of your dock is not only our passion, but literally our busines. A business in which we are proud to serve. A business to make life on the water the best it can be.

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