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In Clearwater, not only is living on the water relaxing and fun, but with Florida's weather it can be challenging as well. The protection and preservation of your property is a must. One of the most important functions of a bulkhead is to keep your property from falling into water.

Seawalls, also known as bulkheads or retaining walls prevent the water from eroding soil back into the water. The dependability of any retaining wall is contingent on many factors such as wall height and length foundation soil, tide, and more. Your seawall will have it's own set of unique requirements, and we have the expertise to create a solution for your needs, no matter the size of the job.

With Dock Builders Clearwater you can expect our highly skilled crew to construct your retaining wall to the highest standards and with great care and effort. We'll oversee each stage of construction until the job gets done as promised. We make sure every detail is perfect, and concerns not overlooked. We offer peace of mind knowing your sea wall is strong, solid, and long-lasting!

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Seawall Expertise

Quality of our work is what we strive for. And as with any of our structures, we design, build and use the proper products and materials that can withstand the elements of marine living.

  • With our expertise and your requirements, we help you decide the type of seawall to best fit protect your home and property.

  • You can count on Dock Builders Clearwater to deliver a quality bulkhead because we have understand what it takes to properly execute a project. We use a combination traditional and state-of-the-art machinery and techniques to get things done.

  • We select first-rate marine grade components to ensure your confidence in any of our structures, especially for retaining walls.

Your property and investments are important to us. Call us to find out how we can safeguard your land from the natural forces that we have grown to live with and love.

Protect your property

We understand that over time the waters of Florida will wear down components of of any seawall. At the same time, technology creates new and improved materials. We offer service repairs and upgrades, and can reconstruct or convert your seawall with cost-effective fresh treated lumber or with the latest technological advances. Your seawall is your property's first defense against the elements so we'll help you find the best solution to get the best protection while keeping your budget in mind.

Quality Repairs

Our locally owned family business have installed many bulkheads and retaining walls for Clearwater residences over the years, and are proud of it. Like you, we love living in the coastal area of Florida despite the occasional challenges of our weather. We agree the beautiful backdrop of fun in the water and sun is totally worth living here.

Your waterfront property is part of what gives Clearwater its charm. Knowing your investment is protected by a first-rate seawall will help you relax and enjoy the advantages and amenities of living on the water.

We are proud to serve our residences in preserving the allure of Clearwater by providing quality construction of seawalls, bulkheads, or retaining walls. It is not only a protection of your investment, but a contribution to the community and lifestyle in the environment we live.

Live the Clearwater Lifestyle!

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